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Frameless Motor Kits JCM

Series of frameless stator-rotor installation kits for robotic and mechatronic applications

Servo Drives SVR

Compact state-of-the-art motion controllers for robotics and factory automation

JCM Frameless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM)

  • Frameless motors for highest design flexibility
  • Hollow-shaft rotor for cable transit
  • Excellent performance due to high copper fill factor
  • Sinusoidal back-EMF with low high-order harmonics
  • Low torque ripple
  • Highly heat-conductive compound
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Version with integrated Hall sensors
JCM Kit Number50×0850×1469×1869×3585×26140×26

Outline Drawing
Power, W103,5100,5214391596591
Rated Torque, Nm0,180,321,152,23,3511,3
Peak Torque, Nm0,540,963,456,610,034,0
Rated Speed, RPM55003000170017001700500
Nominal Phase Current, A3,03,05,711,017,016,8
Torque Constant, Nm/A0,060,1070,20,20,1970,67
Motor Constant, Nm/√W0,0720,1060,240,350,641,04
Supply Voltage, V484848484848
Terminal Resistance, Ω0,961,360,920,420,510,56
Terminal Inductance, mH0,480,771,20,610,040,88
Max. Efficiency, %929089899583
Number of Pole Pairs101010101015
Rotor Inertia, kg∙cm²0,0510,0820,350,620,9412,6
Weight, g79 (60+19)124 (94+30)285 (220+65)507 (390+117)5401670 (1150+520)
Stator Diameter D, mm5050696985140
Hollow Shaft Diameter d, mm303042425290
Winding Head Diameter G, mm4848666681,5135
Rotor Length l, mm1016203727,228
Lead Length h, mm555555
Stator Length L, mm182431,548,541,546

SVR Servo Drives

SVR28/48EC – versatile state-of-the-art digital motor controller for 3-phase motors with EtherCAT and CAN interfaces

EtherCAT interface+
CAN 2.0B interface+
Digital position sensor interface (BISS/SSI/Quadrature or other using RS-422)2
SPI interface (using RS-422) for torque sensors +
Digital Hall sensors+
Bidirectional I/O
1-Wire interface+
Potentiometer input+
Thermistor input+
Supply voltage48 V (10-75 V)
Rated output power1290 W
Maximum efficiency~99%
Maximum output voltageUp to 96 % of supply voltage
Cont. output current (ampl.)28 А
Cont. output current RMS20 А
Peak output current40 А
Package size33 х 40 х 26 mm
Mounting typeSoldering in PCB
Power module typeHeat conductive DBC ceramic
Storage temperature-20ᴼC to +85ᴼC
Operating ambient temperature according to IEC60068-2-20ᴼC to +40ᴼC